An Emperor Penguin’s Love

Thanks Twitter & UberFacts! That captured my interest on Penguins. hehe

Maybe someday? Spare the heartaches and spousal impediments that which society built. We can co-exist as such Emperor Penguins does. Think (Happy Feet?) 

On the link below you can read how does these two lovebirds maintain their status quo. Enjoy!

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Tort Law used as ground for suability against State Immunity :D

Boston Legal S01E11

In tort law, (feeling third year :D) a passerby who sees a person lying injured by the side of the road is under no duty to stop & render assistance. The law does not demand that a person be a “good samaritan”.

However if the passerby pulls over, he/she incurs a duty to complete that rescue, the theory being other would- be rescuers pass by thinking help is already on the scene.

Hence such theory of law would be analogous—other countries have stayed out, thinking US DECLARATION OF WAR ON TERRORISM is stepping in when it did not.


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Di inaaasahang sapitin ito. Langit sa gitna ng yakap mo.

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Ngunit bakit pinilit kung ayaw masaktan. #bloodletting

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See you in court? :D salamat @jude_jit_su ayos to men!

See you in court? :D salamat @jude_jit_su ayos to men!

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15 Movies You’ll See in Recto Cinemas :))

  1. Leon Guerrero
  2. Hinukay Ko Na Ang Paglilibingan Mo
  3. Isinilang Kang Palaban
  4. Umaga Na Nang Hinugot
  5. Kapag ang Palay Naging Bigas… May Bumayo
  6. Dingding Lang Ang Pagitan(UNCUT)
  7. Diligan Sa Suka Ang Uhaw Na Lumpia.
  8. Ang Pagputok Ni Manoy 1982 - Eddie Garcia
  9. Kapag Puno na ang Salop
  10. Gising Na Ang Higanteng Natutulog
  11. Walang Piring Ang Katarungan
  12. Tinimbang Kita Ngunit Kulang
  13. Palimos ng Pag-ibig
  14. Bakit Kinagat ni Adan ang Mansanas ni Eba
  15. Isargo Mo Bro

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15 Movies That Will Always Stay With You Rules:

1.)   Coach Carter

2.)   Serendipity

3.)   If Only

4.)   Leap Year

5.)   Click

6.)   Lake House

7.)   Millionaire’s First Love

8.)   Hachiko

9.)   Saving Private Ryan

10.)                 Bend It Like Beckham

11.)                 The Replacements

12.)                 City of Angels

13.)                 My Sassy Girl

14.)                 Star Wars

15.)                 Definitely, Maybe

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Nakakamiss mag-ensayo!

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Would ya dig it. If I give it.


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You never feel good or bad, only strange and unprepared, ‘cause I never see it coming or you leaving.

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